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Patrick BUCHMANN – en

PATRICK BUCHMANN was born in 1959 in Phalsbourg, France. Raised in a musician’s family, he starts to bang on things quite early around age 4, and is very enthusiastic about drumming and music in general. His father’s old drumset, his older brother’s guitar, sister’s piano and his mom’s upright bassalong with his grandpa’s tuba and accordion give him a wide pannel of musical influences. He follows his brother’s at rehearsals and gigs and gets to play with the band every now and then.


Self taught, he starts playing drums professionaly at age 15, drumming and providing background vocals in various dance bands in the area. Alongside, he joins a local experimental band in which he first plays percussion, then moves on to bass, soon after buying his Rickenbacker 4001, self taught again.


In 1981, he joins german showband KINGCATS, backing up various international artists for TV and radio broadcasts. PATRICK BUCHMANN earns producers’ and arrangers’ trust (Peter DRISCHEL, alias PETE TEX and Claus Backhaus) that opens the doors to studio work. The great advantage of playing over 150 gigs per year (other than leading him to speak fluent german), was to provide the money to make his dream come true : fly to the USA to study music and play it with the best.


He moves to LOS ANGELES, CA along with his wife Martine to study at Musician’s Institute’s (Percussion Institute of Technology) where he graduates with honors. Joe Porcaro and Ralph Humphrey recommend him to MI owner Pat Hicks to teach at P.I.T., subbing for Joe and Ralph among others and becomes head of P.I.T.’s Summer Session programs ’84-’85. He plays in the legendary L.A. clubs and festivals with some of the planet’s best musician’s like Jaco Pastorius, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and flies back and forth to Europe to work with various producers.


He quickly gets hired to play international gigs and festivals. He records many albums as drummer and percussionnist. His studio mastery leads to producing and mixing of most projects he is involved in.


This leads to world tours with many artists like such as Ougandan artist GEOFFREY ORYEMA, indonesian singer ANGGUN and many others.


Eclectic Avant-Garde Contemporary Future Vintage latest releases :

  • Sdinganuff : Genres (Patrick Buchmann / Dominique Grimaldi / Patrice Meyer / Patrick Morgenthaler) Digital release March 19, 2021
  • Sdinganuff : Ambiance (Patrick Buchmann / Patrice Meyer) Digital release April 16, 2021
  • Sdinganuff : Pete & Pat Projekt (Patrick Buchmann & Pete Tex) Digital release June 14, 2021
  • Sdinganuff : The Eighties (Patrick Buchmann/Pit Kurz/Oz Da Costa/Laudir De Oliveira/ Russel Ferrante/Mark Russo/Jimmy Hasslip/Robben Ford) Digital release June 16, 2021
  • Sdinganuff : Irations (Music for Reggae Vibrations drum book) Digital release June 21, 2021
  • Imago : Un autre monde (Patrick Buchmann / Jean-Pierre Alarcen / Claude Six) Digital release June 14, 2021 on Pete & Pat Projekt (2 versions : vocals and instrumental)

Eclectic Avant-Garde Contemporary Future Vintage projects in the works :

  • Patrick Buchmann : Drum Sighs, Drumming for film
  • Patrick Buchmann : Song Sighs, Music for film
  • Sdinganuff : BGB Sunbusted (Patrick Buchmann / Dominique Grimaldi / Laurent Brondel)

Keep an eye on those !


You may contact Patrick Buchmann via the contact form or social media below